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Monday, October 31, 2005

Spring is Coming


Life is seldom life in the zone.

Most of the time what keeps us going is

That is dreampower. You put your head down, - you know that at one clear moment of time you decided to do this for you, - and you do what needs to be done.

It is not always easy, if it were easy any lazy slob could do it.

To keep going you need to have followed the process to assure yourself that this is important.

Dream wonderful dreams.

Hone your dreams into goals that grab your heart and drag you toward your desires, - your dreams.

Make those goals real in time, draw a picture of what attainment will look like, put a note under the picture of when you will attain that goal. Add how you plan to attain the goal, list the methods you plan to use.

Put it on your calendar.

Copy that picture and put it places you will notice.

"I will have my own $million dollar business selling widgets on the net using a combination of blogs and websites by December first of 2008. I will start a blog every 3 months until I have 5, I will post to each daily. I will have two web sites, I will start one tomorrow .....

You get the idea.

Write down why the goal is important, what it will do, what you will be able to achieve and enjoy once you are there.

Only change your goals after a period of reflection, during a period when things are going well and you feel great. When things are not all sunshine and birds singing, - put your head down and work.

You may decide in one of those periods of clarity that you need three websites, but only three blogs. Don't make that decision on the day you are scheduled to start your fourth blog. If the choice is that day, start the blog no matter what.

You can prune, you can change, modify, increase or decrease the goal.

The rules,
Your Rules, are to only change the goals in season's of mental spring.

autumn will come, winter will follow; - Just put your head down and keep working. When spring arrives take a break for refreshment, renewal, and a good hard look at goals.

dreampower helps you last to spring.

It is not easy to get there, but the pleasures you will find are worth the effort.

Put your head down and dig in.

Enjoy life.

Reach your goals.

Make new goals.




At 6:04 PM, Blogger Beau said...

I agree that persistence and determination are necessary attributes for success, but it sure helps to love what you are doing :)Good post.

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