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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pay Yourself First


I doesn't matter if you make minimum wage or earn two hundred thousand a year. - You probably spend all of it, and more.

If you start to earn more you will spend that too.

Our choices determine our future.

Take some money out of the pay before you pay bills or buy anything. Give a bit away to someone worse off than you, put some into savings. - You will still spend all the rest of it.

As the savings grow, invest some in longer term quality speculations ( all investment is speculation). If you own a hundred shares of a top quality company, you will not feel poor, you will slowly quit thinking poor thoughts.

keep saving

keep investing

keep giving

keep growing

There is a world of difference between broke and poor. - Broke is temporary, poor is a state of mind.

Assist yourself in developing a successful state of mind.

Pay yourself first.




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