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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Protect Yourself


A small town fellow had a question for the farmer at his door. "Why is it when I drive to your farm, eggs are $1.50 a dozen, when you show up at my door they are only $1.00 a dozen?"

The farmer replied, "that's easy; when you show up at the farm you need eggs, when I come to your door I need money."

When someone contacts you, they want your money.

I make it a rule never to say yes to someone that calls me on the phone with an opportunity. The most I offer them is the chance to mail me information so I can look over their offer and compare it with others. If they still just want to talk, I hang up.

I found my brokers, they did not find me. I found my phone service, it did not find me.

If something is worth your money and time, it is worth investigating. Take your time, the deal of the decade comes every two weeks.

Some people will spend weeks deciding on a car and send off tens of thousands of dollars on a stock tip.

Find your services, don't let them be sold to you by a single caller.

Protect yourself.




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