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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Move Toward Reality


We all come up a bit short on knowledge.

There are areas where we accept what others have said without challange.

There are areas where we avoid seeking truth because it might be unpleasant to us, or harmful to relationships.

We have to realize there are many areas where knowledge exceeds anyones ability to assimilate it.

One way to deal with this data overload is to ignore it, recognize we are ignorant, and accept it.

If you have thought and learned a great deal about something; you can decide to become expert in one part of the knowlege available.

I'm sure you can find other solutions.

Let me suggest one paticular method of addressing learning.

Dream, and from your dreams develop specific goals.

Use your goals as a mesuring stick for knowledge.

Are you inflexable about interpersonal relationships? That will get in the way of many goals, learn how to adapt and appriciate diversity.

Are you having trouble breaking even in your business. Seek knowledge in business principles that will help you to better manage your profits and expenses.

Look at what you need, look at what you lack, consider what you don't want to consider.

Start learning.

We will never fully understand reality in this life. But we can start to:

Move toward reality



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