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Friday, November 04, 2005

Go Fish


There is a kid's game called go fish.

Perhaps it can help us be successful.

In the card game you take a guess at what your opponent has. If they have those cards they give them to you, if not they tell you to "go fish." That sends you to a standard draw from the deck.

Often our efforts to reach our market or achieve success appear frustrated.

Maybe it is time to avoid incremental changes in our efforts and "go fish."

Find a quiet spot and time to list opportunities you perceive. Opportunities not related to your current activities.

Narrow those opportunities down to the best few.

Now compare them to your current project; at the point it is now.

Is one of the new ones much greater?

Now you need to do some soul searching.

Is your current project still wonderful?

Now you can attack it with renewed vigor, - knowing your time is well spent.

The real caution is not to dilute your efforts by adding another project. - Keep focused on your one best shot.

Or go fish.




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