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Monday, November 07, 2005



Not physics, - personal.

Often we set up our self judgments based on how we perceive others.

Often our perceptions are in error.

Just because James smiles more than we do, we assume James is happier than we are. It can be a simple step from there to thinking we are not happy.

We are kinder than Dave, less peppy than john, have straighter hair than Betty, are not as good at math as Eileen.

These judgments not only may be incorrect they most frequently are inconsequential.

This is another purpose for taking your dreams and shaping them into well defined goals.

The measure that is important in temporal reality is where are you in relationship to your goals. How you perceive others is immaterial, where are you compared to where you want to be?

Life does not grade on the curve. Look at where you are and decide where and when you want to be somewhere else.

Track that instead of your perception of other's progress or position.




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