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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Business Is Better Than Sports


Maybe business is not better to watch, but it can be better to play

I enjoy following business cycles and action - that is not what I'm talking about.

Sports is all about statistics - your batting average, your percentage on free throws, third down conversions.

Then you dust yourself off and do it again.

Business starts like that. You try - you fail. You try again - you do ok. You try again - you fail. You keep trying to learn and improve your statistics.

The real difference between business and sports is when you hit the home run or score the goal.

In business - if you try and then score big - practice is over.

A single business idea, well executed, and you win.

Yeppers, you may have to maintain your position. Then again you may sell out and do something new. You can move from college ball to retired superstar in one move.

In business you sometimes only need to do it once.



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