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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Business Ethics And The Small Business

We have many time stated the future belongs to the Netcohort, and listed integrity as one of the required attributes.

Without reflecting our values, for once, we will relate an idea mentioned at the Uncommon Sense blog in a post labeled "Capitalism In One Lesson."

A large financial institution has defined the stakeholder issue as one of balance. Liberals look at business as a cow to milk for various stakeholders. Anarcho-Capitalists view an unfettered business as a great social good - liberty to gain profit as a motivator that improves everyone's life.

A large part of the argument resides in a look at short term, feel good fixes that actually hurt in the long term.

Uncommon Sense highlights the value statement of the BB&T banking group. Recognizing that their existence is due to shareholders, and their growth dependent on returns of shareholder investments, they also recognize that their relationships in their communities also reflect returns.

As a small business we tend know our clients and our employees quite well. If we decide to grow we may want to emulate BB&T and have a written statement of value.

It is important that all members of our team know our insistence on integrity, and all our other values, are available for inspection. Compliance may not be assured, but knowledge does reinforce good intentions.



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