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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wishweb, dreampower - Small Business

Small business, home business, WAHM, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing - and - all - that - jazz.

Another name change - Small Business - Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration.

This time we put in the small business idea.

Everything that has been written in these posts applies to small business entrepreneurs, it is time to acknowledge that fact.

The goal of a small business or a home business is usually one of two things.

These are not mutually exclusive, but your desires will tend to favor one over the other.

We have addressed both issues here and on our other sites; click away.

Freedom is wonderful.

Money to do good or live well is very cool also.

Planning for the future is also important.

Know that it will probably take at least 6 months to decide if your new small business is right for you. It may take another year or two before it really takes off.

Do your homework, apply yourself, and as Zig Ziglar would say:

"Enjoy the price of success."



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