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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Enjoy Yourself

Don't take you to seriously, enjoy yourself.

We all get a bit pretentious.

What we don't do enough is laugh at ourselves.

Look at the politicians and their supporters, all wrapped up in self importance; afraid someone will see them as the ridiculous jokes they are. They are like medusa, ugly and funny at the same time, but condemned to attack anyone that looks their way - and laughs.

They are funny, they are just the only ones that don't know it, and don't get the joke.

We all are funny things.

None of us are likely to get out of life alive.

So relax a little.

If you are going to laugh at others, laugh at yourself at least that much.

Heck I'm a middle aged bald guy, who all cleaned up, isn't going to look as good as Tom Cruise or Howard Dean. Never was good looking, but life does compensate.

At least I wasn't born a Senator. The Doctor wouldn't have known which end to slap.

Life is funny, life is enjoyable, life is fun.

It's the only one you will get.

Enjoy yourself - enjoy your life.



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