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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SEO and New Web Sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effects new blogs and standard web sites.

Blog and web site traffic comes from search engines, at least a large amount of it.

The question is with a new site or blog, how do you get your share?

You don't.

There are lots of things that will get you noticed with search engines like MSN, Yahoo, and Google - being new with just a few pages is not one of them.

Do a search of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and you will get a lot of information, some of it free, some of it good.

You have to be found by, or submit yourself to, the search engines. They will then check your site, and wait. They wait to see if you last or die. They wait to see if others value your site and link to you. They wait while you change and update your site to see if it is kept current.

This dreampower site is new. I've done a bit with meta tags, I've linked to good sites about similar subjects and have some links to me from good relevant sites also. There are other actions I can take, but what it will take is time.

I have another new blog I started last month, Speculation Rules, a finance blog. I'll help the search engines find it by this link. I've also picked up the domain; finance eventually, maybe, but I'll help it get found also just so time passes in case I do use it for something. It has about five pages right now, it will probably stay there until (if) the blog gets going strong.

Some of you may visit the Speculation Rules sites; don't expect much from the .com. If you are into investments, the Speculation Rules blog is well worth a visit.

This is basic stuff and I am no expert. There are lots of folks that will charge you for SEO that are not experts either.

Do that search for SEO, find how to get more folks to see your web pages or blogs.



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