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Friday, December 30, 2005

Simplify Your Life

Complexity confuses, check the little things.

The canary in the mine shaft is a small thing. Miners carry bird cages because they know canaries are more sensitive to bad air than humans. A singing canary is therefore a comfort.

If your life is crowded with complexity it may show in the small things first.

How much effort is required to carry a cup back to the kitchen? You've done it naturally most of your grown life. Now it just sits on a shelf, too much trouble to move. That is just an example.

Are there simple thing that seem complex?

Things that last year were automatic, but now take effort and thought to accomplish?

Your plate may be too full.

Remove some of the extra duties you have picked up. Cut down on the commitments you make easily and then regret. Get rid of conflicting schedules and relationships.

Learn to say no.

To others - and to yourself.


If your life is so cluttered every small choice is an overload, that is a warning.

The canary has stopped singing.

Leave the mine shaft.



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