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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Howl At The Moon

Of alpha males and alpha wolves.

Those that watch wolves write mostly about the alpha male, and secondly about the beta males. I have read about what some term the delta male. An Alpha rules the pack, the betas follow in their order. Once in a while a male wolf, the delta, picks an attractive female and they leave the wolf pack.

This wolf that picks a sweetheart and then goes his own way is an inspiration. If those two happy wolves are willing to risk all, perhaps it is reasonable to find humans that shun the pack and go their own way.

I am always amazed by the other type. A felon with two strikes against him, in a state that gives life sentences for the third strike. All he has to do is move to another state, and hopefully take up a new career. Most stay with the same gang they were with, and get that third strike. This is a beta wolf with no thought beyond belonging.

The other extreme is someone like you that discover themselves, seeks out opportunities that suit, and then plans to go out and accomplish.

Apply thought.

It is your life, live it.



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