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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Starting Next Years Goals

Always do more than expected.

Many people slow down when a completed goal is in site.

Many folks procrastinate as the next goal looms on the horizon.

Ever give someone a 10 minute break? Many will stretch it to eleven or twelve minutes.

If you want to accomplish something, be the one back in ten, or nine.

There will be less irritation, more cooperation, and you will be recognized as the one that is consistent. - All it costs you is a minute.

Start your project a bit early too. Even if you are the only one watching.

I have decided to experiment with a financial site next year. - So I started it last night. It already has two posts.

Speculation Rules is new, it is not yet fully set up, and it is basic. But if someone wants to taste the flavor of that little early extra; hard won financial knowledge will be shared. All investment is speculation, start to learn how to profit from your time and money.

Why wait for January?




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