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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Deeper Understanding

As it relates to goals.

This ties in to a prior post on goals.

The shaping of Bastiat Free University has been a process. Goals have been set, some have been changed.

Even the purpose of BFU has been altered. The slogans we have used to define Bastiat Free University have changed several times reflecting that purpose drift.

The school was started to assist entrepreneurs in developing themselves. "T
he wealth of centuries, comprised of knowledge, at your fingertips."

We discovered and accommodated those with little money that just want a venue for gaining knowledge. "
Cost appropriate learning."

As we discovered more about our students and their needs, we adjusted. "Rediscover the pleasures of self directed learning."

By now our original base of small business had expanded a great deal. We have found students internationally that weigh the balance of what we offer against what traditional industrial age schools provide. We wrote a short essay, and for a while played the card, Distance learning versus Brick and Mortar.

We just spent some time analyzing ourselves, and our concepts. It is time we brought Bastiat Free University up to date. We have almost as little in common with distance learning colleges as we have with traditional B&M Universities.

We are not state sponsored. We are unaccredited and plan to remain that way. We do not aim to create machine part graduates for the industrial age.

We want to offer tools that the Netcohort will use to shape themselves. We are established not as an alternative school, but as an alternative learning system.

A degree has become a job acquisition tool, a personal marketing device. The purpose of education has become getting a job. As society's bloated organizations shrink, a degree will have less value.

For those of you that see the future changing dramatically. For those of us that want to avoid being pressed and formed into meat patties in the McDonalds of life, we offer a new type of school. BFU is a school focused on self directed learning. Learning is the key, not job acquisition.

If you want to face and conquer your personal future and not conform to a machine cut image, Bastiat Free University is for you.

This is no longer a slogan, it is a celebration of our students.

BFU - a school for the independent mind



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