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Saturday, December 03, 2005


How independent are you?

Some will never leave home emotionally. These are the folks you see with the unthinking political blogs. They believe what their parents or professors believed, unchallenged. They believe at the top of their voice. Everyone that does not believe exactly as they do must be a fool or worse. They will continue to shout their belief in whatever their leaders say; - no thought required.

Now that those people have left.

Most of us retain much of what we were taught, and that is not a bad thing. As time passes we examine our prejudice and our bias and modify them. We do this to varying degree based on experience and inclination.

We can define this as walking a path. For some the path is blazed at their birth, and they will never stray from it. For others they may occasionally view new un-predestined horizons, and follow another path toward them. For the remaining few the whole world is their campground, paths and signposts are like a cage; they want to know truth even if it is uncomfortable to learn.

Now to the purpose of this exercise.

How do you relate to the path for your life?

Your daily choice is to stay on the path, - or explore a new path.

Your life will be less cluttered if you know the sort of independence you value. You can then not consider or throw out other ideas. All you need to consider each day is if you wish to change and view a larger world.

You may chose a path to stay on, and still explore. Do it by choice not by predetermined destiny.

Do you want to stay on the path, on a path, or open yourself to discovering the whole world?

Chose for today.




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