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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Secure Foundation, Change the Facade

Build your life on solid ground.

We represent ourselves differently in different situations.

We can be professional at work, playful with kiddos, boisterous at sports.

These are just the facade we wear over our real foundational person.

These different personalities can each be very real at the moment, but if they are not aligned with who we really are they will make us, and everyone else, uncomfortable.

The various parts of your personality need to be in congruence, working to the same end.

The place to start is at the foundation.

What do you really believe? Do you believe it just because you were raised that way? If your foundation is real it will stand up to challenge, if not it is better to rethink your positions.

You can see it in many political blogs; they shout for or against something or someone, but never have an original thought themselves. They would not consider the other side's argument, or that there might be a third side that has more merit than both. Their foundation is unexamined, their whole life may end up being a sham. - That is why their writing is only read by others with the same flaws, and is a waste of time to all.

Inspect your foundation, you do not have to be right, but challenge it.

Prove to yourself that your rants have value; that you foundation is solid.




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