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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time and Money

Time is like money.

You have to pay yourself first.

When you have income, if you do not first take some out for giving and saving, there will be none left for that latter.

At the start of the day, if you do not plan when and how you will do important work, it will not get done.

Let me get philosophical.

"Your time is like a sack of diamonds, don't let them slip through your fingers." - Allan Wallace

The day will be full of distractions.

Each time we skip an important task for an immediate time waster we lose a bit of our life.

Take 15 minutes early in the day and write down what you would like to accomplish in that day.

That alone will redeem a bit of your life from the meaningless immediate.

Label your list for A, B, C, and I; the 'I' has to be done, The 'A's are where you will want to spend your "free" and work time.

You will still have plenty of time for secondary diversions.

But pay yourself first.



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