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Friday, November 11, 2005

Strategies + Tragedies = Stragedies


The further you are from the problem, the easier it is to come up with a (wrong) solution.

Information is critical to success.

If you need information for an important decision, talk to the people closest to the problem.

I remember a bunch of high level security executives of a fortune 500 company talking about improving the entrance security to a facility. The seven or eight big wigs ignored the mere mortal security officer at the post. They were talking about increased staffing and installing barricades when the officer ignored their snub and interjected, "or you could just close the gate."

"Oh, there's a gate?" they responded.

If you run a business the people closest to your operations know the most about those operations. Don't just ask, although you should do that too. Instead solicit information and reward those that supply it.

As an aside if you have a mid-level manager that always is creative, they are probably farming their staff for ideas and taking the credit.

If you insist on making decisions because you are the boss, you will never hear the best ideas.

If you have a boss like that, find another job where you will be appreciated.

Or better yet, - start your own business.



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