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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why Not Your Best?


Of the things you are going to do today, many will be by necessity rather than choice.

I could put in lots of emotional fluff here, perhaps a nice story also. Emotions however can be short term. A logical decision followed up may last a life time.

At each of those tasks you attempt today, think about how to do them better.

Think also on how to challenge your abilities and sharpen your skills

I knew a gal who had a gate security job. She was more friendly than most, and far more efficient. I noticed she was writing down required information as people approached, I asked her about it.

She had memorized the names and data on all the regular people so she could avoid doing that boring task when they were talking. She said she was attempting to memorize license plates on cars driving in, a quick glance of confirmation and she did not have to keep checking.

Small things done well.

Some hated doing the job she was stuck with, and they were still there hating it when she was moved up to better jobs.

The level of actual work between average and exceptional is not that great. It is the determination to challenge yourself to do your best that bridges that gap.

Do it for yourself.

Small choices to do your best make your life better, even if nothing else changes. - But things will change when you do your best.

The work level is about the same; your life will be better.

Why not your best?



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