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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dreampower and Reality

There is a difference between dreaming and using your dreams to create goals, and mere wishful thinking.

Dreams that are achievable are dreams that effect the realities you control or influence.

You dream of being happy and relaxed on a tropical island with a compatible significant other. You have a basis for developing the goals that will help achieve that lifestyle.

You can discover what makes you happy and relaxed. You can become the sort of real person that another will find attractive. The real goal is to discover you, and how to make you happy.

Wishful thinking has you as ruler of the universe, solving all problems, while being admired by all, and married to a movie star. This is a nice dream, and you will discover a bit about yourself, but it will not happen. At least I hope for your sake it doesn't. Notice you attained everything in that dream but happiness.

Discover who you really are.

Build dreams around what is important to you, not what society thinks is important.

The goals you develop by dreampower will keep you motivated, because in reality they are part of you.



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