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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mendacity At Large

Modern society is filled with this.

It is the basis of most TV plots. Someone lies to cover a problem or get their way. Things go bad as the lie creates more problems. A final lie makes everything good and everyone hugs each other. Fade to commercial.

Life does not work like TV. People are hurt by lies, particularly the liar.

Relationships are damaged.

Reputations are tarnished.

This is sadly a problem even with intelligent people that should understand the plethora of difficulties raised by unreliable sources and their information.

It can also be a bad habit.

If a story is worth telling it does not need exaggeration to make it better.

If a product or a person is good, than good will have to be enough.

To relate untrue attributes will only create difficulties.

What seems best in the short run almost always results in long term problems.

Try the truth. - Like aspirin therapy, it won't hurt and it may help.




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