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Monday, November 14, 2005

Self Directed Learning

Self Directed Learning is also called self-teaching or self directed inquiry.

Most of us know the experience of formal education. There are some benefits , mostly to society in the regimentation of their citizens. The students also sometimes learn something useful.

But for most, formal education is not fun.

Self directed learning is about the pleasure of discovery, researching what you want to know, and then using that knowledge to accomplish.

The greatest difficulty with self directed learning is that we may not have enough structure to give ourselves a full view of what we study.

Do it on your own if you can.

Do it for no-charge by monitoring courses at someplace like
Bastiat Free University.

Or if it helps to have a goal, seek a diploma from BFU at a very small cost.

Regardless, seek the pleasures of self directed learning,
for yourself.




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