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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Capturing Dreams and Reaching Goals

What is important to you?

Really Important?

Have you taken the time to think about it lately?

Now is a good time, - take a piece of paper and write down ten things that you value highly.

If you want: force rank them one through ten or priority group them A, B, & C.

Now take eleven sheets of paper, and write those goals and dreams on the top of a page, one to each page. Keep the last page for new dreams you encounter, write those all down also.

That is a good start, you are way ahead of those that just dream and forget.

If you came up with less than ten dreams and goals, keep the other pages blank for now. You will think of other dreams and goals as you go through the exercise.

The rest is simple.

Head for a quiet spot and jot down thoughts on each page that pertain to the heading.


Now spend some time thinking about time, when will this happen.

How will it happen.

Who will you have to be to make it happen.

Is it worth the effort?

Ya betcha.

Organizing your thoughts lets your subconscious work on them based on your priorities.

Next time you have some quiet moments, do it again.

The list will get more defined, you will start to accomplish those goals.

It will take fewer pieces of paper each time.

Enjoy both the effort and the rewards.


If you have a bunch of troubles, use the same exercise for them. - Just the process of writing them down is a step toward dealing with them.



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