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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Separate Yourself

How important is your life.

I am amazed when a felon is caught again in a three strikes state.

They know the third felony conviction will be life in prison. Yet they stayed in that state, hanging out with the same old gang, after two felony convictions. - Why didn't they move?

On a different note.

If your plans for yourself and your family are very different than those around you, - why wouldn't you move?

I can understand a commitment for moral reasons. Recently a missionary in Haiti was kidnapped while transporting a sick child to the hospital. He and his family know the risks of living in Haiti, and made an informed and prayerful choice.

The other story is so often apparent however, folks staying where they are at risk or not wanted, because emotionally they don't want to move.

Today is a good day to start the investigation.

Where would your family be safer than where you live?

Where would there be greater opportunity than where you are now?

Where will you find the freedom to pursue your dreams as you wish?

Those I know that have investigated and moved, did have a period of adjustment. For up to a year they sometimes wondered if they had made the right choice.

The move can be as simple as leaving old friends and finding new ones, or as daring as leaving your country to move to another.

Perhaps it is not so daring if you are moving toward freedom and opportunity.

Eventually those that move discover a freedom and confidence that will last them the rest of their lives. - Many then considered their greatly expanded options and move again.

Racial persecution, religious freedom or business opportunity are just some of the reasons to move.

That first step may be hard, but the rest of your life is hopefully a very long time.




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