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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pick a Direction

Where do you want to go?

Perhaps it was Yogi Berra that said, "If you don't know where you are going, that's where you'll end up."

What if you are not sure where you want to end up?

Pick a direction instead of a destination.

If you love science, but are not sure which discipline fits you best, read a bunch of science in several disciplines. If you latter decide on something else, your general knowledge will make you more valuable.

The opposite also applies, if you know exactly what you want, head for it. - But also read general texts so your knowledge stays well rounded.

If you are driving form New York City to San Diego, take some detours, if you have time take a lot of detours.

You can make the trip in a few days, or you can detour for months. The trip of months will give you experience to last a life time. - That is good for you, and good for those that will be around you.

The knowledge you acquire from self-directed learning is similar. You will see a lot of interesting things you would not encounter if you took the standard route.

You will be more valuable; to yourself first, and to others also.

Expand your scope.

Pick a direction, or if you have a destination, - wander.



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