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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goals, Dreams, and Reality

How real are your goals, and when will you reach them?

I was surfing blogs on the
site traffic builder Blog Explosion when I encountered a blog about 5 personal things that will happen in 2006. I had written 4 of the 5 into comments when I got distracted and lost the blog.

Specific dates are the common thread my goals share.

1) June 29: Bastiat Free University will be ready for prime time.

2) October 29: I hit 55 and start breaking the speed limit of life. (no, I'm not going faster just because its down hill from there.)

3) November 1: I retire from my day job and dive into the great unknown of creative retirement.

4) I forget which of my goals I put in here, but it had a date also.

5) I was looking up the date my first web site Junior Partner Ministries would be one year old when I inadvertently moved on.

My life is well ordered by choice. By nature I am a lazy son of a gun, if I don't establish those mile posts, I won't keep movin' up the road.

Further up and further in.

We can dream of the future, but for dreams to have power we must throw down specifics; - including a time of completion and a possible, replaceable, method to achieve the goal.




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