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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Will 2006 Bring

Distrust anyone, including me, that claims to know the future.

That said, I made a feeble guess at the next 50 years at A Sovereign Speculator.

If you check those that are making projections, you will find most predictions are quite close to this years activity, and quite close to each others predictions. - It is safer that way.

If a big surprise happens they will have two defenses. There was a big surprise, and nobody else saw it coming.

My prediction for 2006 is therefore quite simple:

There will be big surprises that almost no one foresaw.

And those that by joke or bad taste came close will crow for a year.

A guess is a projection is a prophesy is a prediction is probably a waste of time.

If you are going to guess, make it wild. If it turns out right you will not have to share the spotlight with anyone.

outrageous guesses anyone?



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