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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration

Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration - all are required for success.

For those of you that have followed the development of this blog under the name dreampower, the time has come for a change.

Dreampower was formed to assist my daughter as she started another business. By the time she had fully investigated and changed her mind dreampower had several dozen posts.

I've kept posting by habit, although I've slowed to about one post a day.

Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration - that reflects the last month or so of posts. The name may change again someday, but for now it suits.

What will matter in the future is integrity, adaptability, knowledge, and action.

As a part of the Netcohort, your value will be enhanced by understanding and implementing personal:
Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration.



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