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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Adapting to the name change

When this site was dreampower it was a lot easier to write.

It was a flow of consciousness thing.

I would put up a title word - write some stories or advice - and then change the title to match.


I have gobs of business experience and training; I talk about it with anyone that is interested. That and my Christian faith are the major components of any conversation I enter.

Of course I have opinions on all sorts of things, some in which I'm qualified, some not. I'll talk or listen on any of a number of subjects.

I guess I will put into this post the most basic of my advice.

Starting a business is a better education than going to business school. You may fail a few times before you succeed. Starting a business will still be cheaper - faster - better than B-school.

Just keep learning as you go, it does not have to cost much to learn, in fact it can be free.

  • Enjoy life.
  • Start a new business.
  • Do it for yourself.

You can get a business degree latter for marketing purposes.



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