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Monday, February 06, 2006

Advise From The Very Original Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is not just a very readable author - he is a great mind.

Many thanks to zicree for bringing us this insight into Bradbury.

I've heard Ray Bradbury speak several times. I've taken my boys to hear him speak. They were young enough they didn't know his books yet, but they knew his show.

A couple of the Ray Bradbury quotes provided by zicree:

  • "Laugh at what limits you. It pits your life force against the darkness. (This doesn't mean you can't be pissed off at it, too.)"

  • "Live from love, work from love, and do everything else from love."

Take a look at the whole Ray Bradbury "secrets of life" post, you will be glad you did.

(as an aside - zicree's pics look photoshopped to me - whats your opinion? My son says I spend too much time on the net and that has made me a cynic.)



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