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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dream Big!


We are told to keep our goals reasonable. - Don't do it.

It is better to shoot for the stars and just make the moon, than shoot for a menial job as a wage slave and achieve it. It is better to start your own business than build a business for someone else.

Goals are built from dreams, so let your dreams run wild.

Dwell on your dreams a while, embellish them. It is very popular with the young to want to rule the world. If they think about the attendant responsibilities, they may choose to opt for some of the perks instead. That is the start of forming goals from your dreams.

If you are afraid to dream extravagantly, you will not discover the full extent of your wishes, or their costs. With celebrity comes lack of privacy and a lack of freedom of movement. Perhaps being a famous author would be more to your liking than being a movie star.

Dream big, and find out what it is that makes that dream appealing to you. Take those appealing parts and craft them into your goals.

Dream Big.

Set wonderful goals.

Develop plans to achieve.

Write down your goals and review them frequently.



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At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed that advice. Rather than play it safe, I bet everything on my dream, like we were urged to. To risk everything for the stars, only one in a million succeeds. Had I won, everyone would know my name. I did not. I have been homeless my entire adult life. While I am miserable every moment of every day, at least I gave it my all. Do I regret it? Yes, perhaps, but once I made my decision at a young age I had no choice. It was go for the gusto (and die trying) or waste your turn. It's an intensely personal choice, one I took knowing it wouldn't be easy. I thought hard work, determination, and brains would tip the balance toward me. Perhaps they did, but there's no sure bet even then. God knows I did my best. My deepest respect goes to those who go after me, to loose, or to win. -Steve

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing.

But it does not have to be over.

I remember a story from perhaps thirty years ago. An IBM manager talked his division into a new program - it failed horribly.

The manager went to his V.P. and handed him his resignation.

The Vice. Pres. tore the resignation up and said something to the effect "We just spent millions of dollars on your education with that program - we can't afford to let you go."

Life is not a one shot venture.

It is those that get up and try again, and again that win.

Best to ya.

If you want a new venture to try - send me an email.



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