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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Our Own Reflection Hides The View Through The Window


"Our own reflection hides the view through the window." - Allan Wallace

I am not a great writer, - but you already know that.

Every once in a while I pop a phrase that resonates -
for me. That view thingee is such a phrase. As a result you will see the phrase sown throughout my sites.

It carries depth of meanings to me.

I'm sure that is not true for the majority of readers.

To most readers the quote is just a confusing piece of self aggrandizment. - Perhaps that is all it is.

I like it, and I can't see why everyone doesn't.

But that is part of its meaning,


My own reflection blocks the view through the window.


I lost track of where I got the Einstein & the chalkboard piece, leave a comment if you know so I can give credit.

Cool, I found it on Google. Do your own Einstein at the chalkboard thingee.



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