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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blog Explosion - Blog Mad - Traffic Swarm

I did a review on these three traffic exchanges about a month ago and wanted to do an update.

Traffic Swarm - this is the review that needs some refinement. Trafficswarm's attributes remain the same - you can list any site - it is very easy to build a significant number of credits. The detractor is the same - way too many get rich quick sites.

What is different is that I have discovered that it uses a queue similar to Blog Explosion. If you decide to try Traffic Swarm - separate your similar pages or headlines in the queue.

To separate your pages put in your first page, then wait a few days to add the second - this will allow other pages to be added in between. frequently you see several similar sites next to each other, diminishing their value.

Blogmad - Still new, but it seems to be getting more visitors and more blogs. I'm slowly releasing my saved bank of credits. Everything seems to work most of the time - and they are very responsive to suggestions.

Paul from Blogmad even left a comment on my review - mentioning the listing on Blogmad as a page rank bonus for users - see his comment for further information. This bonus would also apply to the next traffic exchange.

Blog Explosion - The grand daddy traffic exchange, it is full of features. The surfing ratio is not as bad as it seems, they are very generous with bonuses. I have received many 25 to 100 credit bonuses.

I have almost stopped with Blog Explosion though, for now. I still go back and earn a few credits once in a while, but that is just a short surf to see what is new. I do find their blog rocket feature quite efficient - I usually get 3 to 6 hits for the one credit it costs.

In short these traffic exchanges have value - but the value diminishes over time as you keep playing to the same audience.

In a year or so I may re-crank up Blog Explosion for a while, there will probably be a lot of new characters.

If you have not used these three -
Traffic Swarm - BlogMad - Blog Explosion - they are worth investigating.

Try them for a month or so - then follow your own opinion. You will gain a couple of high PR directory links from Blogmad and Blog Explosion - so your time registering will have results regardless.



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