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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Bit Of My Philosophy - At No Charge

I have had the following statement at the bottom of the old Bastiat Free University start page for quite some time.

Many folks now miss this little statement as they encounter one of the other BFU distance e-learning start pages instead.

It is not particularly clever, but it does state how I feel.

It is also not particularly necessary, except perhaps for a sensitive educationist or two.

Unless stated otherwise we will avoid the modern confusion with pronouns by using whatever sounds or feels right at the moment.

There is no intention to relegate anyone to a secondary role. Any use of (wo)man, he, him, her, person, or she can be read however you wish.

One of the nice things about the Internet is that we do not see each other. You may be a one eyed, one horned, flying purple Umpa Lumpa; as long as you assist us in achieving our goals - we don't care.

We hope to assist the family of man; it does not matter which gender, or with which tribe our ancestors traveled. Our goal is for each student to become sovereign in, of, and for themselves.

If this offends you; leave.

I now have it here, where it will be easy to reference if I need it.

We will get back to business as unusual with the next post.



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