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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Attitude And Habits - More Important Than Knowledge

Practice what you want to make permanent.

Make a good attitude part of your daily life.

I subscribe to a free daily motivational quote service.

Every couple of weeks they offer a Big Deal as part of the package. I usually read the bi-weekly offer as well as the daily quotes. There is usually good motivational material in the offer -- and the offers are good value also.

here is an example from this weeks Bid Deals opening paragraphs:

Super Success Coach David Herdlinger has made an interesting observation about attitude. When most people are trying to get a raise or get started in a business, they spend their time and money developing their knowledge and skills. But most job terminations and business failures occur because of a person's attitude and habits.
Understanding that concept makes these words by Jeff Keller even more powerful: "Once you start building a more positive attitude, life will throw some incredible opportunities your way! Your attitude is a choice you make - and there's a lot riding on that choice."

Most folks I know with a bad attitude are proud of it saying "I am just honest." What they are is irritating and annoying - out loud. Honesty is important - but we need to be honest with ourselves also.

A solid work ethic accompanied by a can-do attitude is of value to any business -- especially our own business.

A good attitude and can be very honest too.

A person with a good attitude is fun to be with - life takes on a special zest.

Which attitude would you rather work with?

With which attitude would you rather do business?

If your attitude is a choice -- who do you want to be?

Check here for more on those free inspirational quotes.



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